2016 Junior Solar Sprint

If you are interested in involving your students in Jr. Solar Sprint this spring, please contact Peter Zack. Qualifying races will be organized for interested schools from mid May right up to the State Finals (at Owls Head Transportation Museum) on a Saturday in June.

Junior Solar Sprint State Finals 2010

MEEP seeks funding so that the Maine Junior Solar Sprint will be able to celebrate its 22nd birthday. This popular model solar car competition, coordinated in state by MEEP, has middle school students designing, building and racing vehicles that are powered electrically by our sun’s light---photovoltaics.


Participants are provided a motor and a three volt solar module, often scrounging materials for the chassis, wheels and transmission. (Teachers generally supplement with purchased supplies as well.)


For more information please contact Peter Zack by phone (207.625.7833) or email: peter@meepnews.org. Kids, start your (silent) motors!